With more than two decades of experience in the ME region, Unidaan provides consultancy in the Power Generation and Marine sectors.

We are dedicated to providing top notch solutions for power requirements – be they in conventional power or be they in renewable sector.

Our experience and knowledge in the field of power can help the customers to find a solution that is just right for them ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness.

In the Marine field our dedicated and experienced Marine Engineers can support you in identifying the right shipyards to build your offshore vessels. We do not just identify a shipyard, we help you during the contract negotiations, finalization and all through the construction, delivery and warranty phases.

We also support our customers in their financing needs when they need equity or debt based finance.

Also, along with our partners we provide Management Consultancy. We make a sincere effort to understand deeply the costumer needs and then offer support through bespoke solutions. Delivering lengthy reports is not our only goal. We deliver real time results that are tangible and measurable, effecting directly the bottom line.