Electrical Automation

Electrical & Automation

For any power plant or process industry, it is absolutely essential to have an efficient and well performing automation system. Over a period of 10 to 15 years, the electrical systems no longer can perform to meet today’s demand. The systems and components become obsolete. In today’s competitive world you want to ensure that your production takes place at least costs.

This is where Unidaan can support the customers, to audit and study their plant requirements and propose upgradation of their electrical and automation systems to ensure an efficient and reliable performance. We offer an extensive range of products within power and automation technologies. We design and manufacture Electrical and Automation Systems for power generation, marine propulsion and process industries with special emphasis on customized solutions for up-gradations, modernization and retro-fittings. In order to deliver world class systems to our valued Customers, having requirements of high reliability factor and complex process applications, we focus on designs and solutions that are solely anchored on classic and approved devices and equipment from reputed manufacturers with proven track records. Our products and solutions are built with integration capabilities and options, open to multi-product communications. This arrangement enables us to use any product type or range as required by the Customer.

Some of the products we offer are :

  • Transformers, Switch Gears and sub-Stations
  • Synchronizing Control panels
  • SCADA Systems
  • Protection Relays
  • Monitoring Relays
  • Auxiliary Systems

We support and integrate the following devices in our system :

  • Merlin Gerin Switchgears
  • Deif Indicating Devices
  • AMP Monitoring Devices
  • VAMP Protection Relays
  • ABB Protection Relays
  • Intouch Wonderware
  • Schneider Modicon Logic Controllers