Solar Panels

Solar Modules

We offer high efficiency multicrystalline technology based PV modules ranging from 5 Wp to 365Wp catering to your various applications.

Modules we offer are manufactured as per industry specifications under ISO 9001:2008 certified conditions.

Features of Modules:

  • We offer world class modules with CE, UL, and TUV certifications.
  • Our Solar modules have high conversion efficiency, based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies.
  • We provide 25 year limited power output warranty.
  • We offer modules with enhanced reliability by guaranteed 0 to +4.99Wp power output tolerance, ensuring high return on investment.
  • Our modules withstand high wind-pressure, snow load, and extreme temperature variations.
  • Our modules deliver optimal output over decades, with high quality low light response.
  • Our modules have anti- reflective highly transparent, low iron tempered glass for superior performance.
  • Our Modules are 100% EL (Electroluminescence) tested to ensure micro crack free modules.

Application :

  • On-grid large scale utility systems
  • On-grid residential, commercial and industrial roof-top installations
  • Off-grid systems