Waste Treatment Solutions

Waste Treatment Solutions

Unidaan offers several proven technologies to recover resources from various types of waste including mixed municipal waste, agro waste, organic waste etc.

Solutions include supply of equipment , EPC and BOT for waste treatment projects. We can aid the recovery of recyclables and reduce the waste to landfill while converting them to electricity and valuable by products.

Technologies Offered:

Anaerobic Digestion: With this technology we process various organic waste to generate biogas and digestate. This biogas is treated to produce saleable products like electricity, heat, Bio- CNG, CO2 etc. depending on the market requirements. The residual digestate is converted to organic compost/ fertilizer.

Gasification: With gasification, we process the various mixed wastes including municipal solid waste, industrial waste, medical waste, wood waste to produce the syngas and further process it to produce electricity and heat. We utilize the leftover ash & other residues from the plant to create value added products.

Incineration: We provide waste to energy solutions using incineration to recover the maximum energy from the wastes and minimize the waste to almost zero landfill conditions. This makes it best fit for situations where huge waste has to be managed with very limited land, especially in the urban areas.