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UNIDAAN is a leading provider of reliable power generation equipment, spare parts and related services in the Middle East Region, Europe and Asia. We are a world class company established in 2008. We have over two decades of experience in the MENA region.

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Our service commitment starts from the very moment that we receive your enquiry. We are committed to providing you technical support, after sales support, maintenance, trouble shooting & reconditioning services, needed to meet your product needs through the entire lifecycle of our engagement.

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Installation & Commissioning

For our customers, just buying a good product is not enough. It is also important to have highly skilled and friendly support for the installation …

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Operation & Maintenance

We offer Operations & Maintenance agreements whereby we manage operations on behalf of the Customer, ensuring optimal efficiency and . . .

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Engine Services

We provide comprehensive services for engines and related systems, optimizing efficiency and performance. As a specialist in diesel engines . . .

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With more than two decades of experience in the ME region, Unidaan provides consultancy in the Power Generation and Marine sectors. We are dedicated to providing top notch solutions for power requirements – be they in conventional power or be they in renewable sector. Our experience and knowledge in the field of power can help the customers to find a solution that is just right for them ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness.

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Power Solutions

Based on our extensive knowledge and experience in this field, we provide consultancy for complete power solutions by evaluating all available options and technologies. We are able to . . .

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Life Cycle Efficiency Management

Any installation should perform well, be profitable, and up and running as much as possible. Qualified expertise is needed to achieve that. We support our. . .

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Cost Optimization

To achieve the optimum level of cost reduction, all equipment and systems should be in optimal operating condition. When all the systems are operating at optimal efficiency, and operational  . . . .

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Marine Consultancy

We offer consultancy in the design and construction of energy efficient off-shore support vessels, in accordance with the Customer’s requirement. We have experience in providing design related . . .

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