Engine Services

Engine Services

We provide comprehensive services for engines and related systems optimizing efficiency and performance.

As a specialist in diesel engines, we service and repair a wide range of diesel engines and related equipment, including routine maintenance and major overhauls.

Effective preventive and corrective maintenance services maximize the reliability of your plant equipment. Unidaan has an extensive hands-on experience in preventive maintenance that will increase the asset’s reliability, reduce life cycle costs and prolong the asset’s life. Apart from the diesel engines, our expertise extends to take care of all vital equipment and systems in the power plant, positioning us as a favourable alternative to the OEMs.

Our workforce consists of skilled engineers and mechanics with power plant, OEM, shipyard and sea going experience.

Unidaan provides a whole range of services from overhauls & component reconditioning to providing long term maintenance agreements.

A long term maintenance agreement gives our customers the security and reliability of their investments. We support you 24/7 and stay just a phone call away. Our staff will always be found friendly and cooperative whatever your need may be. We are also able to provide you with electrical & mechanical training whenever we undertake any service jobs at site or we can also make tailor made training programs conducted at the sites.

Long term agreements can make a real difference to your productivity since you can focus on your core business with no worries from the power availability side. This ultimately makes your products more competitive and cost effective.

Through these agreements, you gain access to all the collective knowledge of our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.