Electrical and Automation

Electrical & Automation Services

Our Electrical & Automation Services include maintenance & repairs, extensions, up-gradation & retrofit of electrical and automation systems.

Preventive maintenance decreases the risk of equipment failures, unscheduled repairs and helps eliminate many potential problems.

Our maintenance services offer comprehensive maintenance programs that define maintenance work and the required spare parts, ensuring optimum performance of the equipment.

Upgrading automation system brings multiple benefits to the Customer and prepares their plant for the future, improves the performance and extends the life of the equipment and systems. We also offer up-gradation and extension of switchboards (from low voltage to medium voltage) meeting industry standards and requirements, increasing the plant’s productivity.

We provide tailor-made solutions to optimise the operation and reliability of the power plants and incorporate long-term lifecycle management. Our scope of supply covers engineering, design, hardware, installation and commissioning, as well as training and services support.

We also carry out electrical and operational audits that can be readily tailored to suit the installation and the Customer’s needs.