Excellence Concept

Operational Excellence & Due Diligence

Many years of working with the industries (Steel, Paper, Cement, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage etc), we have realized that there are areas where we can support customers with value added services. These services are provided at very competitive prices as we consider these as supporting service for our customers.

We partner with Optimax Group of Singapore for Implementing Operational Excellence (OE) & Operational Due Diligence (ODD) services for your business.

The OE services are delivered under a “no fee” challenge. It is proven with sustainable delivery of bottom line benefits, profitability and cost optimization on long term basis. Our OE services provide very tangible benefits to the customers that can be measured and recorded.

 On the other hand Operational Due Diligence services provides you a “cold eye” examination of the processes while staying duly neutral. A detailed examination is undertaken independently for the owners or the management to bring them a report that highlights the areas operating optimally and also highlights areas of improvements that would lead to a highly efficient and cost optimized plant.